We Are Breadstack

We focus on redefining how businesses interact with technology

Our Mission

Our mission with Breadstack is simple. We want to give businesses their time, energy and money back in their day-to-day operations – ultimately decreasing your costs and increasing your revenue.

It’s not about changing the way you do things, it’s about improving the way you do things. Our technology allows you to optimize your operations more efficiently whether it’s managing inventory, handling customer service, or delivering a better customer journey.

Improved efficiency decreases costs and improved customer satisfaction increases revenue – this is what we do. If it sounds simple, it is. Breadstack was created to keep it simple for all businesses; online and in store.

Our Values

Everyone at Breadstack believes in each of our core values. It’s how we operate daily to achieve our goals. We strive to put our best foot forward on each project.

Winning Mindset

We believe in having a positive attitude and an unwavering commitment to achieving our goals. We strive to constantly challenge ourselves to reach new heights and to continuously improve our skills and abilities.


We believe in delivering high-quality work and exceeding expectations in everything we do. We take pride in our work and strive for excellence in all aspects of our business.


We believe in leading by example and setting the standard for others to follow. We are committed to developing our team members and empowering them to become leaders in their own right.


We believe in working collaboratively and leveraging the strengths of our team to achieve our goals. We respect each other’s ideas and opinions and encourage open communication and transparency.


We believe in continuously pushing the boundaries and exploring new ideas and technologies. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve and delivering innovative solutions to help our clients succeed.

Our goal with each new client that uses our software is to decrease their expenses on day-to-day operations and increase their revenue. It’s that simple.

Any software you choose to use for your business should achieve those 2 goals. We always keep them in mind when updating or creating new products.

Harness the power of AI for business and optimize your daily operations. Take back your time, money and energy with Breadstack. Let Breadstack become a staple item in your business.

Where we are in the world

Vancouver, Canada

#201 – 4601 Canada Way,
Burnaby, British Columbia
V5G 4X7 Canada

Hanoi, Vietnam

7th Floor, 152 Pho Duck Chino Str.,
Truc Bach, Ba Dinh
Ha Noi, Vietnam

Join our team

Breadstack is what it is today because of the people who work here. We are always looking for passionate and talented people to join our team.

Harness the power of AI for Business