The Cloud-Based CRM Platform Designed for Today’s eCommerce

Deliver personalized, targeted experiences with AI-built customer profiles.

Analyze browsing habits, order frequency, and product preferences to deliver personalized experiences that your customers will love to respond to.

Meaningful Customer Insights

Refine your business strategy with segmented POS customer data such as order frequency, product preferences, and lifetime value or dive deeper with even more granular data.

Marketing Automation, Personalized

Analyze browsing habits, purchasing behavior, and audience reactions to price changes and promotions to deliver targeted campaigns and automate your marketing.

AI-Built Customer Profiles

Tailor your engagement strategy down to individual shoppers by knowing your customers better than they know themselves.

Pick, process and fulfill multiple orders with ease.

Streamline your order, inventory and fulfillment management across multiple stores and platforms to deliver delight easier and faster.

Connected Inventory & Orders

Better plan your purchasing cycles, sales campaigns, and procurement strategies by centralizing all of your inventory and orders in one place.

Automated Liquidation

Liquidate slow moving products and upsell fast moving ones with automated upselling and product recommendations that account for inventory levels.

Multiple Channels, One Platform

Easily integrate Breadstack across multiple eCommerce platforms and shopping carts to consolidate your customers, inventories and orders on one single platform.

Leverage Breadstack’s smart analytics to maximize growth.

Smart data visualizations, in-depth customer profiles, and tailored reports turn raw data into actionable insights to help you scale.

Smart Data Visualization

Don’t drown in your data. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your store’s performance, inventory turnover, and more through effortlessly beautiful data visualizations right on your dashboard.

Capture Every Sales Opportunity

Leverage customer information to recommend overstocked inventory while preventing stock outs, predicting inventory reorder points, and accounting for inventory turnover. Capitalize on business opportunities you didn’t even know existed while automating your inventory management.

Tailored Reports and Analytics

Take out the guesswork with custom reports that work for you. Automatically create and schedule custom reports for the right information at the right time.

Manage inventory across all your stores, all on one dashboard.

Monitor stock levels, move rates, and overstocked items, while effortlessly allocating, reserving, and procuring stock across all of your stores.

Minimize Inventory Dollars

Save on your inventory spend by forecasting how many days your inventory will last and automatically calculating average move rates for all of your products.

Gain Visibility Over Your Supply Chain

Stay on top of online and offline inventory across multiple stores with streamlined stock level adjustments. Monitor average inventory move rates, overstocked items, and sales performances on all of your products.

Better Procurement Strategies

Plan your procurement around your inventory, not your suppliers by predicting inventory reorder points while accounting for inventory.

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