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Streamline your cannabis delivery with our intuitive delivery management platform.

Why Us?

We build exceptional ecommerce solutions that empower dispensaries to effectively compete against industry giants.
End to End Cannabis Delivery Management

Manage all aspects of online cannabis orders and delivery business from a single dashboard.

Get Running in No Time

Don’t use expensive software, get a pre-built & cost effective delivery management system.


Efficiency that grows with you. Our delivery software scales seamlessly to match the demands of your expanding business.

Delivery Service Expertise

CanFleet (formerly known as Cantec Couriers) was built by a delivery company, for drivers and courier companies to maximize their profits.

Fast Growing Canadian Company

Breadstack Technologies is an up-and-coming growing business based in Vancouver, BC, with offices in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Focused on Your Success

Complemented with Breadstack Professional Services, we’re here to ensure your success and make your life easier.

Same-Day Delivery Today for FREE

Cannabis Delivery, Optimized


Give your dispatchers full control of the delivery experience

Deliver From All of Your Stores, All at Once

Automatically dispatch orders across multiple stores and addresses to reduce delivery times, enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experience at scale.

Focus on What Matters with Automatic Dispatching

Automatically assign, dispatch and track orders from a single dashboard. Streamline management, eliminate manual input, and prioritize what matters most.


Right information, delivered right on-time

Real Data in Real-Time

Deliver faster, drive smarter and serve your customers better with up-to-the second customer information, order details and optimized driving routes at your fingertips.

Predictive ETAs

Keep your customers, your store and yourself in the loop with remarkably accurate predictive arrival times, real-time alerts and driver tracking powered by machine learning.


Delivery amazing experiences for your customers

Proof of Delivery

Reduce fraud, lower lost orders and maintain compliance with in-app proof of delivery features. Enforce completion requirements through in-app collection of photos, signatures, barcodes and notes.

Make Communication Easy

Gain insight into each customer’s delivery experience with integrated feedback forms. Allow your dispatcher or store to communicate to drivers any special instructions, issues or problems that may arise, and vice versa.

Plus, see our other products create an integrated ecommerce solution

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The information you need to learn, action, and grow your business all in one place.
Breadstack Chatso
Delight at the right moment with proactive engagement, and protect your sale with real-time support and promotions.

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