Breadstack Commerce Hub

Breadstack Commerce Hub

Save Time, Grow Your Business, and Compete with Giants

With all the information you need to manage your online store, Breadstack Commerce Hub unlocks your success using your data to improve your bottom line.

Unified E-Commerce Management

A complete tool kit that integrates various aspects of your e-commerce business under one platform.

What would 26% extra profit mean to your business?

That’s how much more you could be making if you focused on your digital presence.

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Increase your profits with powerful, data driven sales & marketing tools

Target your most valuable customers by customer lifetime value, focusing marketing efforts on those who are most profitable

Know your customers individual buying habits and preferences though past orders data, and reward them with an integrated loyalty program

Enable a search-optimized website with customizable product descriptions, WooCommerce integration, and a native product catalog - no iFrames

Reduce repetitive tasks & get more done faster

Get a robust marketing plan by scheduling pricing changes in advance by product, category, or brand as one-time or recurring

One store or ten stores, online or physical store, skip making the same change to each storefront, reducing the change of errors

Provide your staff with all the information they need to answer customer questions, know what’s available for sale, and current promotions all in one place.
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Increase your cash flow and keep money in your business

See the results of your past pricing changes and marketing campaigns to clearly understand the impact of promotional efforts

Powerful reporting for product turnover performance, sell through rates, and days on hand highlights products to sell off, your top performers, and in high demand.

Make informed decisions about the business rather than guesses based on intuition, and know your actions will lead to results

Your data is your key to success, let Commerce Hub unlock it