Unlock Revenue with Intelligent

Customer Experience

Unlock Revenue with Intelligent Customer Experience

Break down silos with a Unified CX Solution. Connect teams, processes, and systems to deliver world-class customer experiences.

Boost Loyalty
Increase Conversions
Drive Repeat Sales

CXM for eCommerce

Intelligent Customer Experience means connecting customer data and business intelligence to improve loyalty and grow profitably.

Meaningful Data

Revolutionizing e-commerce personalization with insights refined to focus on the customer experience, we’re setting the standard for e-commerce intelligence.

User Friendly

Our AI is tailored for commerce, comprehending customer intent, prioritizing business metrics, and enhancing customer journeys through brand-specific data, protecting customers’ trust in your brand.

Faster Growth

We are purpose- built for commerce, with every feature optimized for the workflows of commerce teams. We empower you to leverage data and Al to build hyper personalized customer experiences that generate fast results.

Take Customer Experiences to the Next Level

Breadstack unlocks data to help businesses dig deeper and analyze faster
 to understand their customers and optimize decision making. 


Real-Time Data

Engage with every customer more effectively by understanding their interactions, behaviors, preferences and needs.


AI-Assisted Live Chat

Make customers feel special with perfectly timed deals, exclusive instant coupons, and AI-generated product recommendations that are personalized based on customer shopping behavior.


Enhance Operational Efficiency

Don’t waste time looking for data.  Unlock full visibility of the right information at your fingertips, and empower your team to meet, and anticipate customer needs.

Unified E-Commerce Management

A complete tool kit that integrates various aspects of your e-commerce business under one platform.

Do More with Breadstack - The Complete E-Commerce Toolkit

A complete tool kit that integrates various aspects of your e-commerce business under one platform.

Breadstack for Marketing
Breadstack’s unified platform not only offers insights into every customer, but also key metrics such as revenue, profits, and inventory performance to give businesses a clear understanding of what’s is working and why.
Breadstack for Service
With business and customer visibility integrated directly into your agent’s view, you empower traditional support agents and turn them into world-class sales associates. Transforming a cost to the business into key revenue drivers.
Breadstack for E-Commerce
Multi-channel, multi-experience, single unified platform. From multiple products and diverse descriptions to varying price points across different sites and channels, Breadstack is the complete solution for unified commerce management.

Breadstack Drives Business Growth

“We’ve been able to increase the number of customer interactions without compromising on quality. Now, all customers receive personalized, immediate assistance, and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Aaron Sinnathamby

CEO, ARCannabis

“The one-click-coupon feature has been a game changer. Since we’ve started using Breadstack our average order value and overall revenue has increased by over 30%.”

Anne Yap

Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Westcoast Naturals

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