Analytics and Reporting

Create, view & analyze reports with accurate data

Gain a better overview of what’s happening in your business for all departments. Get the data you need with the most accurate and up-to-date reporting.

Real-time reporting when you need it

Advanced analytics lets you create customized reports based on your metrics. Get the data you need quickly and easily. Spend less time creating reports and understanding your data.

Make real-time accurate decisions that propel your business and help you mitigate risk by having a full overview of information.

Data is power. The more information the better. Understand all aspects of your business by getting the reports you need. Always have information ready to be accessed.

Analytics That Actually Matter

Make Accurate Real-Time Decisions

Have up-to-date information to make informed decisions.

Understand Potential Problems

Predict and forecast potential problems to mitigate them.

Minimize Risks

Analyze trends, behaviour and performance to evaluate risks.

Inspire Changes With The Right Data

Accurate data provides insights to optimize departments.

Accurate data provides insights to optimize departments.

Increase customer service performance

Chat Health

Be aware of all chats happening in real-time. Store data logs of all information such as chats, agent duration and rating.

  • Keep track of all chat data
  • Store all current and older chat logs
  • Generate customer service reports
  • Track the success of promotions and coupons
Chat Health

Inventory shouldn’t be complicated

Inventory Turnover

Automatically update inventory to have a consistent overview of all products whether they’re in the warehouse or on the sales floor.

  • Have a full view of your inventory in real-time
  • Gain an overview of product information instantly
  • Generate performance reports for inventory metrics
  • Be aware of all product locations
Inventory Turnover

Understand the impact of products

Product Performance

Monitor all products in real-time to understand performance and be able to make adjustments right away to optimize product performance.

  • Gain insight analysis of all product performance 
  • Use performance metrics to determine next actions
  • Generate reports for all product information
  • Centralize reviews and comments for approval
Product Performance

Analyze all promotions


Create, set, and analyze promotions to increase upselling or general sales. Understand customer behaviours and buying patterns to implement promotions.

  • Track all promotions from start to finish to determine ROI
  • Offer promotions to customers based on purchasing behaviour
  • Create or modify promotions based on customer data
  • Understand buying patterns for better promotions

Full overview of sales & revenue

Sales & Revenue

Gain a full overview of all sales and revenue to understand patterns and make better decisions. Always be aware of top-performing products for better planning and trend predictions.

  • Clearly see the timeline and progression of all sales
  • See top sellers to plan better sales and marketing
  • Generate customized sales summary with graphs and tables 
  • Understand selling trends and patterns to optimize products
Sales & Revenue

Employees are you’re biggest ROI

Employee Performance (sales & Live Chat)

Have an overview of all team performance to understand what’s working and set up departments with permissions to allocate tasks for efficiency.

  • Generate an overview of all team performance 
  • Gain insights for agent utilization to have better management
  • Measure team KPIs and opportunities for improvement 
  • Understand department metrics with targeted performance
Employee Performance (sales & Live Chat)
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Understand all aspects of your business by getting the reports you need.