Customer Service

AI-Powered Help Desk

for eCommerce

AI-Powered Help Desk for eCommerce

Connect customer data and eCommerce insights to personalize experiences, improve operational efficiency, and drive more profitable outcomes.

AI-Generated Recommendations
Instant One-Click Coupons
360 Degree Customer Insights

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What could retailers be possibly lacking?

Retailers are lacking an effective way to monetize their data at the point of purchase; Retailers are missing an effective solution for turning over inventory faster, and more frequently, by providing their active shoppers with deals and personalized discounts.

Customers are changing. More and more consumers are looking for personalized experienced. This result in higher sales and better customer experiences.

Customer Service Does Matter

Good customer service is crucial for any business

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improvement in customer retention
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improvement in customer satisfaction
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increase in cross-selling and up-selling
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of buyers will pay more for better experience

Customers are changing. A better experience will result in higher sales, loyalty and retention.

Connect with customers the right way

Live Chat

Connect with customers to enhance the shopping experience. Customers can ask questions, find information and get the help they need.

  • Set up chat channels with simple steps
  • Set up chat widget with more accessibility
  • Offer customer support in real-time
  • View all live chat information in one place
Live Chat

Treat all customers individually

Personalized Recommendation

Automatically collect customer data to offer personalized promotions, coupons or recommendations through the customer’s journey.

  • Give personalized product recommendations
  • Offer promotions on overstocked or stagnant items
  • Upsells during the buying journey
  • Generate coupons that can be tracked
Personalized Recommendation

Make better decisions with data

Customer Management

Centralize customer information to gain better insight about your customers with a system that keeps everything in one place.

  • Centralize customer information across all stores
  • Automatically track customer behaviour based
  • Gain an overview of customer information
  • Manage chats status with active, pending and missed
Customer Management

Take the headache out of coupons


Easily generate coupons and automatically track their ROI. Be able to give out coupons instantly to customers through chat.

  • Create customized coupons for individual customers
  • Send coupons based on customer behaviour
  • Give coupons out in real time
  • Offer promotions to customers based on purchasing behaviour
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Adapt to the new consumers with improved customer service.