Not an AI Chat Bot

Personal Customer

Service with Real Live Budtenders

Connect live with customers on your website

Connected to your dispensary POS, your budtenders can see the entire customer purchase history and habits.

AI-Assistant Makes Recommendations to Budtenders

Budtenders Can Create and Share One-Click Coupons

See What Pages They’re Visiting & Engage Accordingly

Self Serve Product Install | Try for 14 days. No credit card required.

What's better than an AI budtender? A real one.

Let’s be honest, AI is all everyone can talk about and while we love AI and use it in our products, we also don’t think it will ever be a substitute for real live customer service.

Our live chat comes standard as part of Breadstack. But you can trial it for free on your site by installing a few lines of code in your header and footer. Not ready to talk to a sales person yet? Test it out on your site for yourself, we think you’ll agree, customers return more often when they get good, personalized customer service.

Great Customer Service Is A Competitive Advantage.

Zappo’s, Amazon, Costco, great brands put their customers first. The Breadstack Live Chat app lets you greet your customers at the virtual “Front Door” to your business online, your website.

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Turn more browsers into buyers with live chat engagement tools on your site.

Connect with customers the right way

Live Chat

Connect with customers to enhance the shopping experience. Customers can ask questions, find information and get the help they need.

  • Set up chat channels with simple steps
  • Set up chat widget with more accessibility
  • Offer customer support in real-time
  • View all live chat information in one place
Live Chat

Treat all customers individually

Personalized Recommendation

Automatically collect customer data to offer personalized promotions, coupons or recommendations through the customer’s journey.

  • Give personalized product recommendations
  • Offer promotions on overstocked or stagnant items
  • Upsells during the buying journey
  • Generate coupons that can be tracked
Personalized Recommendation

Make better decisions with data

Customer Management

Gain better insight about your customers with a centralized system.

  • Access customer information across locations
  • Automatically track customer behaviour
  • View buyer history & AI driven product suggestions
  • Manage pending, active & missed chats in one dashboard
Customer Management

Close over 23% more sales with personalized offers

Instant Coupons

Agents can easily generate coupons and track ROI. while closing more sales sending personal coupons over live chat.

  • Create customized coupons for individual customers
  • Send coupons based on customer behaviour
  • Give coupons out in real time
  • Offer promotions to customers based on purchasing behaviour
Instant Coupons
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Raise the engagement & sales on your website with a better suite of dispensary eCommerce tools. It might be time to upgrade.