Your Brand, Your Data, Your Customer

Brand Every Step Of Your Buyers Journey

The big chains don’t use an embedded menu, they don’t give the customer experience over to a third party, now you don’t have to either & for a fraction of the price they paid for a custom, SEO optimized, eCommerce dispensary website.

Building a memorable brand experience can improve sales and customer retention by 72% compared to marketplace customers.

Your menu looks like every other dispensaries around you.
Your customers can log in to other dispensaries websites with the same log in.
Your products don't show up high in local searches.
You can't search products across all your stores.

80% of customers will purchase more frequently from brands and businesses who are more personalized

Let’s get personal - Relationships matter in business as much as they do in everyday life. Your retail data contains all the secrets to personalized customer marketing.


The information dispensaries need to get an edge on their competition

Data & Insights

The biggest retailers use data to guide their decisions about what to bring in, what to put on sale and what to avoid. Now you can to for a fraction of the cost.

  • Centralize your data in one place
  • Track the effectiveness of price changes and promotions
  • Understand what sells best & optimize your inventory
Data & Insights

Understand your customers better


49% of customers say they would have a better shopping experience if the retailer offered promotions related to past purchases (source).

  • Provide specific product recommendations tailored to your customers exact preferences
  • Design discount programs unique to customer segments
  • Get clear insight which customers are the most valuable

Separate yourself from the competition

Value Proposition

Give customers a reason to come back again and again with experiences that they will truly enjoy.

  • Same-day delivery: enterprise scale made available to small businesses
  • Reward your best customers with an integrated loyalty program
  • Offer in-store level customer support online with live chat
Value Proposition
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