Compete with giants and grow your business with the right tools

Stop using software that doesn’t work and start using the a platform that will genuinely increase your top-line.

Using suboptimal digital tools for your online store is like having one arm tied behind your back – you’re just not as effective as you could be

iFrames are used on your website, making it difficult to be found online.
Third-party marketplaces are all you use, and you don’t have your own online store.
You have no way of interacting with your customers at the moment of purchase.

Almost everyone (87%) searches online before making a purchase

These searches begin with search engines like Google and Bing. If your sales program doesn’t optimize for the search engine, all your efforts are going to waste.

Be found, appear professional and trustworthy

Digital Footprint

Websites are the new-age storefront. Based on what they see and find will determine who they buy from.

  • A flexible, future-proof website powered by WooCommerce
  • Be found in Google without website traffic hindering iFrames
  • Less reliance on marketplaces: fewer commissions paid, extra profit for you
Digital Footprint

Sell better when it matters the most

Upsell & Conversion

Critical moments in your customer’s purchase journey can either drive your success or your failure.

  • Real time live chat with customers to answer questions and avoid cart abandonment
  • Instant coupons based on customer preferences to increase cart value and satisfaction
  • Fulfillment options that convert: reserve in store, ship to home, and same-day delivery
Upsell & Conversion

The right move, every time

Digital Sales Plan

Get the guidance you need to go from good to great with Breadstack Professional Services.

  • Tailored advice and next-best actions based on your customer data
  • Improve your reputation in your community with local SEO
  • Support to provide the ongoing maintenance to reach your business goals
Digital Sales Plan
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Invest in the tools that will give you the results you have been looking for.