CRM automation is the use of CRM software to automate the process of managing your customer service team to increase your productivity. CRMs automate repetitive activities such as capturing and assigning leads and sending out emails; along with so many other things. As business owners, they can decide what tasks they need to automate for CRM or validate their capabilities and configure the automated workflow to save time they would otherwise spend.

What is CRM Automation?

Automated CRM means a software application that automates repetitive tasks to improve productivity. Automated CRMs can provide services that encompass marketing, sales and service operations as well. Automating CRMs can help all aspects of a business. Automating allows us to spend a lot of time on achieving broader strategic goals.

Automation for CRM tasks extends beyond sales and service sectors. CRM systems that are automated will reduce complexity and increase productivity. Like automation in marketing, these systems can be implemented either stand-alone or embedded into an integrated CRM system.

CRM Automation: Key Functions You Should Know


One important feature for CRM software is analytics. The reports are shown on the CRM system dashboard and are continuously updated for accurate information. The sales staff will be shown this info for the milestone that they have completed. You can also get automated reports which collect data on your business requirements. These reports enable a quick way of evaluating a business’s performance on a broad scale.

Visual pipeline

In your CRM software, you have the possibility to see what you want, everything else is done by your software. Visualizing a complicated sales pipeline will help improve sales productivity and efficiency for the sales and customer service teams. Visual sales lines are especially helpful when small businesses often encounter bottlenecks when multiple leads don’t make it onto the other end of the funnel. Once a bottleneck has been discovered you can push the lead along the funnel. But this isn’t just for sales. Customer relationship management that is automated can help with marketing campaigns or any other department.

Lead assignment

Without a CRM software strategy, everyone would be able to do something at work and the process of keeping track could become exhausting. A team can’t tell which person is preparing the project so two different teams can contact each other which may be irritating to the potential client. If the client answers questions on this phone today, they will find out why they are not getting the answer they want from the customer support team. Leads may opt for another company instead of repeating the same answer with your staff.

Task assignment

As the sales department grows you may assign people specific tasks. Keeping up with the people who work in complex excel sheets is difficult. CRMs allow for the automatic assignment of tasks within unified applications. Because automation allows for the job assignment, you are able to have your customer support representatives get it done immediately if the need arises. Work becomes very straightforward, and productivity increases whether that’s the sales team, marketing team or the accounting team.


It has been shown by research that cart abandonments have only increased. Automated re-engagement with CRM software helps keep buyers aware of abandoning a purchase. You could also use automatic re-engagement campaigns for the purpose of finding out if customers have left their online carts. Maybe it would make it sweeter by providing the customer with a unique discount coupon by e-mail after the customer completes the sale. For the re-engagement, we can view things from the marketing automation software part of CRM that can assist with using the data to help with campaigns. There is so much the sales and marketing teams can do with the re-engagement strategies with a CRM automation tool.

Data sync

Data sync is available immediately to your automation software. So neither your salesperson nor your customer services team will have to deal with outdated information. They’ll always have the right customer data. It helps keep everyone on the same page across all departments.

Implementing CRM Automation Software

Automating and optimizing are key features for any business owner. Having things complex or doing tasks that can be automated is costing your business money and your time. By using CRM automation you can start implementing the software to take care of the tasks you no longer want to spend the time on. CRM automation is a tool you can use to your advantage.

The sales and marketing automation for the CRM systems can be reasons alone to consider using CRM automation. By gaining CRM data you can improve customer satisfaction along with improving your sales processes. Everyone from your sales teams to customer service reps will benefit from CRM automation.

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