Using different channels is becoming a necessity for businesses. Customers are using multiple touchpoints with your brand – social media sites, websites, physical shops etc – can therefore turn into repeat customers. The average customer won’t necessarily interact to a store only once. It’s becoming more common for them to reach across multiple channels.

Omnichannel describes transactions across many channels such as retail stores, social media, online retailers, and more creating a seamless customer experience. The word, Omnichannel, is used for sales on multiple channels for both digital channels and brick and mortar stores. There are lots of ways to develop an omnichannel approach to help businesses with new and existing customers.

Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Experience

Adopting a holistic approach will help you increase customer engagement and profit. Creating a seamless omnichannel customer experience will ensure a positive customer journey. Omnichannel for customers is all about customer expectations and customer satisfaction. Businesses need customers to survive. Creating an omnichannel customer experience is the best way to get results whether it’s online or in brick-and-mortar stores. Here are some benefits of using omnichannel to create a seamless customer journey.

Improve your response times

Omnichannel allows integrated chat experience across multiple channels whether that’s social media, live chat, email, or even in person. Customers want a response. Waiting hours on end for answers can ensure a customer clicks away. Customers prefer a quick response, even more so on digital channels.

Rethink in-store consumer experiences

Rethink your customer journeys. Consumers today feel more comfortable browsing the Internet versus shopping in a physical store. The study found that 87 percent of shoppers have researched a product online prior to buying. Help consumers move easily to the internet. It might just be providing a live inventory of a retail location for customers to easily decide if they want to go to a store.

Conduct a content analysis

Many businesses focus largely on creating keyword-dense websites in hopes for high ranking in search results. Yes, this can help however, it needs to be taken deeper. Conduct an analysis of your site’s content to ensure it meets your target audience wherever it comes. Customers want accuracy. Using content analysis you can deliver a more cohesive customer experience. When a customer lands on your store page they’ll get the information they need. Content analysis should be a part of any omnichannel customer experience strategy.

Develop your mobile capabilities

Most businesses haven’t mastered smartphones yet. Interestingly, most eCommerce sites have a website that can benefit from face lifts and some upgrading. Not only does it cause doubt in the minds of your clients about your company’s identity but it hurts your search engine optimization ranking. A good website matters even for a brick and motor store. However, it needs to be compatible with mobile devices. More and more consumers are using mobile to search for products they need.

Get the support you need

Maintaining the best omnichannel experience for customers is an ongoing process. It’s not always easy to monitor multiple channels. Remember each channel is tied to customer satisfaction. When something isn’t working properly it can hinder your sales. Ensure everyone in the business is aware of the omnichannel customer experience.

Use and analyze data

An effective omnichannel plan can help target the proper customer however, this does not happen without the knowledge of the consumer. Use large data and surveying to understand customer behavior. Making business analytics a part of our research process will help you identify the market that needs you best. Creating customer personas is a great way to understand what they’ll need during customer interactions. It will help you have loyal customers and you’ll continue to increase the customer lifetime value whether that’s online or in brick-and-mortar store.

How Do I Create an Omnichannel Customer Experience?

Knowing the benefits of an omnichannel customer experience is of course just one part. You need to know how to actually create the omnichannel experience for your offline channels or online channels. Here are some tips when starting to create.

Implement omnichannel support services

The customer interactions that your brand has in various channels should be integrated. For omnichannel customer experiences, a client must communicate directly through the channel in which they are currently interacting. When developing an omnichannel customer support system your contact center should provide all the support you require for omnichannel customers.

Map your customer journey

Once you determine who the customer and their interaction with a product are, you must determine the journey that the customer takes. In addition, this map highlights areas in omnichannel experiences to enhance. When you map a customer journey you can see some customers disappear between review baskets and checkout stages. Suppose some of the customers have problems editing the basket and then abandoning the sales? Alternatively, you could add the live chat option in ‘read baskets’.

Understand your audience

In the omnichannel world, it is possible for your customer to get exactly what they want. When developing a business development plan, it is best that you research your audience in a thorough manner to know who you target. The difference between online and offline channels varies significantly depending upon the type of demographic. Typically younger people like Gen Z and millennials will prefer online channels to communicate with their brand.

How Does Omnichannel Improve Customer Experience?

A well-developed omnichannel program ensures consistent messages across the digital platform. Improve brand awareness by keeping your message consistent and never changing. It also makes customers more comfortable as they have the same experience wherever they go.

Customers are looking for a seamless experience online; today, people want to link their digital shopping to those their own. For instance, the customer can order something online and then take the product to the shop. To create your own omnichannel approach Breastack is here to help. Our CRM software is can help you piece together a better omnichannel approach. Contact us today, to set up a free demo!


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