In an era where customers expect 24/7 service and are ready to snap and share their experiences in an instant, live chat has become the go-to solution for businesses large and small. With a simple website widget or app, you can set up live chat on your site and start helping visitors right away. 

You’ll be able to answer questions, schedule appointments, sell products, and more – all from your site rather than a third-party platform. Read on to learn why you need live chat as well as advice on how to use it effectively. 

What is Live Chat?

Live chat is an online real-time messaging tool that lets you communicate with customers on your website (or inside an app). Visitors to your website can click a “chat now” button to start chatting with a customer service rep in real-time

You can set up live chat to start automatically when a visitor arrives on your website or inside an app. You can also have a live chat agent manually start a session whenever they want. 

Typically, chats are performed through chatboxes that take many different forms. It may be a proactive chat popup in which your computer appears asking questions about the problem. It is easy to enter the message in the box. Many websites have a button (usually on top of the site) that allows a customer or staff member to begin their conversions by clicking the contact link.


How Does Live Chat Benefit Your Business?

Live chat support offers numerous benefits to businesses large and small, from increasing customer satisfaction and average order value to improving your brand awareness. 

For example, live chat can do wonders for customer satisfaction. Additionally, live chat can help you identify your best customers and see what they like about your product or service.  

The most valuable customers shop in your store with the assistance of online chat. And, a study published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found that online chat on e-commerce websites can help increase customer satisfaction, customer engagement and sales.

Drive sales using chat – Make your customer experience personalized for the customer journey from start to finish.

Connect with customers – Live chat provides complete customer support that will delight your customers, drive sales and increase conversions.

Turn chats into revenue – Take care of your customer through an interactive customer support chat that offers many useful features and tools.

Support clients the premium way – Give customers personalized support at all times and improve their satisfaction with a chat tool.

Provide five-star customer care – Boost the satisfaction of customers by offering customized customer support via online chat.

How to Use Live Chat to Grow Your Business

When used correctly, live chat can be an invaluable part of any marketing strategy. Here are four ways you can use live chat to grow your business.

Increase Customer Awareness – One of the best ways to use live chat is to increase customer awareness of your brand and products. If you’ve ever ordered something online and seen a “out of stock” or “sorry, item is not available” message, you know how frustrating it is to not be able to get the item you desire. 

You can prevent this frustration by setting up a live chat window on your site with a message like: “We are currently out of stock of the XX product. We expect to receive a new shipment within XX days. You will be notified via email as soon as the product is back in stock.” You can also use live chat to let customers know about sales or other offers. 

Boost Sales With Easy Lead Generation – Many brands use live chat to help generate leads. If you are using a SaaS platform, you can enter your email address and then receive a message from the live chat agent to verify you are an actual representative of the company. After verification, you can create a lead for that customer. 

You can also ask for the contact information of customers who come to your site. This can be a phone number, an email address, or a physical address. Once you have a customer’s contact information, you can use CRM (customer relationship management) software to track and manage leads. 

Demonstrate Brand Awareness – People interact with live chat agents all the time and don’t even realize they are doing it. Live chat is a great way to show visitors that your brand is available and ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

When you have a live chat agent on your site, it shows that you are committed to being present to serve your customers. This can also help with lead generation, as some customers might want to get in touch with your company for information about products, upcoming sales, and more.

How to Grow Your Business with Live Chat

1. Increase Customer Awareness

Live chat is all about providing exceptional customer service. By using live chat to answer your customers’ questions and to provide helpful, personalized responses, you essentially tell customers that you are available – almost 24/7. This increases customer awareness and showcases your commitment to customer satisfaction and retention.

Broadening your customer awareness also helps you connect with new customers who might be interested in your business and products, but aren’t aware of your presence. You can accomplish this by including your live chat details on your home page, product pages, and anywhere else on your website where it makes sense.

2. Boost Sales With Easy Lead Generation

Live chat can also help you generate leads quickly, easily, and painlessly. You can set up your live chat to automatically greet visitors with a product or offer that is relevant to their specific needs. 

When a customer clicks on the product or service they’re interested in, customer support agents can prompt them to enter their information and then be offered a coupon, freebie, or valuable insight. You can use live chat to build rapport and trust with your customers, spark their interest in your products, and ultimately generate leads

3. Demonstrate Brand Awareness

If your business operates online and you haven’t yet implemented chat services, you’re falling behind the competition. A significant number of visitors are expectant that they’ll be able to connect with someone via live chat – at any time of day or night. By failing to offer this essential customer service, you risk alienating your audience, losing business, and hurting your brand.  

Your customers want to feel comfortable, welcome and appreciated. If you don’t have live chat, it’s almost as if you’re actively preventing your customers from contacting you – even if it’s just to ask a quick question. You’re also missing out on the chances to impress your customers with quick responses and personalized support.

4. Improve Your Page Loading Speed

First, make sure that your website loads quickly. According to web research, a one-second delay in page loading time leads to a 7% reduction in sales. Try to optimize the images on your site so that they load quickly. If you’re not sure how to do this, there are lots of free tools online that can help you optimize your images. You can also use a CDN (content delivery network) to make sure your images load quickly.

5. Offer a Better Customer Experience 

When it comes to live chat conversations, it’s important to make sure that your customers are happy. If you have a website, you can set up a widget on your site that enables site visitors to start a live chat session. This makes it easy for customers to reach out for help and start chat conversations. 

You want to make sure that customers are able to get in touch with you quickly and easily. Make sure that your live chat is set up in a way that makes it easy for customers to get the help they need.

Bottom line

There’s no denying that the landscape for business has changed. Customers are no longer willing to wait days for a response to their questions; they want answers right away, and brands that can’t provide that are going to lose business. The future of ecommerce is exciting; live chat is just one new piece of technology that can change the customer service experience forever.

 Live chat is one of the most effective ways to provide instant communication with customers while proving that your brand is ready and willing to help at all times. Even if you’re a smaller brand, you can still make use of live chat to engage with your customers and show them that you are active and ready to help. Investing in live chat can be one of the best decisions you make for your business.

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