Upgrade Your Dispensary eCommerce Stack

Ditch your embedded menu for a complete eCommerce platform that puts you in full control of your brand, your data and your customers buying experience.

We integrate with leading service providers and we’re always adding more

Grow Your Sales and Visibility with A Modern SEO-Optimized Dispensary Website

Outrank competitors and drive more visitors to your site with search engine-optimized product pages that rank high in Google.


Product pages that get indexed by Google, helping customers find you in product specific searches.


A fully responsive design ensures customers can buy from you on mobile, tablet or desktop.


Tight integration with Google Analytics & Search Console to help you make better decisions.

Product specific search traffic converts to a sale more often than from "dispensary near me"

Highly search optimized product pages attract cannabis shoppers with high purchase intent.


Our expertly optimized themes ensure your menu’s product pages will capture thousands of relevant visitors searching for specific cannabis products!

Shoppers searching for a specific product by name convert at much higher rates because they found what they were looking for and are ready to buy.
Easily embed product carousels to add purchase intent to any page on your site including your blogs.
Google is now showing cannabis product carousels at the top of searches, you won't see any products showing up from an iFrame site. It might be time to upgrade.

Upgrade your Inventory Management and Improve Operational Efficiencies

Automate inventory tracking, forecast customer demand, and optimize operations to prevent stockouts and overstocking.

Real-time inventory tracking across multiple locations in one centralized platform.
Utilize forecasting tools to predict customer demand and receive low stock alerts.
Streamline receiving, picking, and fulfillment processes for efficient inventory management.

Streamline Dispensary Operations

Launch a website that enhances your brand, makes it easier to manage your inventory, your promotions and keeps customers coming back for more.

Modern eCommerce sites start selling on the home page and make it easy for customers to browse and purchase from any device.
Never worry about your website being current, your inventory will always sync with your POS even across multiple locations.
Manage promotions from a centralized calendar, while monitoring key performance metrics from past campaigns.

Maximize Marketing Results with Powerful Sales Planning

Easily plan, execute, and analyze your marketing campaigns to attract new customers, boost sales, and optimize your inventory management.


Plan, schedule, and manage your marketing campaigns, discounts, and special events using a centralized marketing calendar.


Create various types of promotions, such as flash sales, limited-time offers, and buy-one-get-one deals, to attract and engage your audience.


Monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns in real-time and measure key metrics to evaluate their effectiveness.


Enhance your promotions with eye-catching banners, graphics, and promotional materials that capture the attention of your audience.

Not another AI chatbot.
Real Live Budtender Chat with powerful integration to your POS

Build stronger customer relationships with personalization tools and real-time engagement.

Agents have 360 degree view of your customers past purchases, previous site interactions and preferences.
Improve product recommendation with real-time suggestions based on preferences & inventory availability.
Give your agents the ability to generate personalized coupons with one-click to close sales and lock in long-term customers.

Easy Cannabis Fulfillment With Last Mile Delivery Apps & Native Shipping Integration.

We know regulations are different in every state and province, that’s why we built the most flexible fulfillment platform in the industry.

Make the most of your regulatory environment by providing tightly integrated pick, pack, ship & collect software that makes getting your products into that hands of your customers a snap, be that in store, curb side or delivered right to their front door.

Improve Operational Efficiency by Streamlining Orders and Fulfillment

Simplify your order and fulfillment processes with automated tasks, while gaining valuable insights into customer interactions and data throughout their journey.

Effortlessly manage customer information, including contact details, purchase history, and preferences.

Process and track orders with ease, ensuring timely fulfillment and delivery.

Automate order notifications and updates, keeping your customers informed every step of the way.

Boost Conversions With Personalized Coupons

Engage customers at every step of their journey and unlock the potential for increased sales and a memorable customer experience.

Increase customer retention and repeat sales with powerful real time engagement tools.

Help turn shoppers into buyers coupons created just for them, whether in-store or online.

Collect valuable marketing information effortlessly with every customer interaction.

Protect Your Business From Spiders, Scrapers and Data Brokers with Active Bot Blocker Technology

You should be the only one that profits from your data, not brokers and price comparison engines. 

We know how valuable your data is and we go to great lengths to identify and block IPs from known data scrapers. 

We also use custom built technology to ensure carts can’t be filled repeatedly to understand your sell through velocity and reverse engineer your sales data.

Transform Your Dispensary Into a World Class Cannabis Brand with Breadstack

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