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of AI for eCommerce

Breadstack’s data-driven suite of tools is designed to help supercharge your business. Deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences that your customers expect, the smart way.

Manage your stores, inventories and more with an AI-powered CRM.

Refine your engagement with filtered audiences.

Segment your audience with granular filters to engage your high value customers, reach out to infrequent ones, and convert new ones to your store. Target specific segments and tailor your strategy according to average order value, purchase frequency, preferred products, and more.

Intelligently manage across multiple stores and platforms.

Gain a holistic view across all of your stores and inventories from one central dashboard. Predict inventory turnover, forecast sales, and create customized reports with machine-assisted management tools.

Predict what your customers will do next with behavior-based analytics.

Generate individual coupons on the fly, supercharge your sales funnel, and increase customer satisfaction with data-informed insights.

Personalize your customer experience with data-driven live chat.

Leverage data to give your customers more of what they want.

Empower your online and offline store associates with AI-powered product, customer, and inventory information at their fingertips. Capitalize on conversion opportunities through every stage of your sales funnel.

Uncover hidden opportunities to maximize revenue.

Turn unwanted inventory into promotions, incentives, and gifts to build customer loyalty and lock-in conversions - all on one live chat platform.

Offer one-to-one recommendations your customers will love.

Create upsell opportunities for your associates across all channels with an AI-driven, one-to-one recommendations engine that knows your customers better than they do.

Full-service delivery solutions that integrate with your existing systems.

Make same-day delivery your competitive advantage.

Let your customers enjoy their purchase the same day they order it. Reduce delivery times, refunds, and lower chargebacks with the convenience of same-day delivery.

Focus on what matters with automatic dispatching.

Automatically assign, dispatch, and track orders from a single dashboard. Fulfill orders with ease, streamline management, and free up time to focus on what matters by eliminating manual input.

Let customers choose when, where and how to get their orders.

Offer your customers flexible delivery speeds, fulfillment options, and pickup locations with one powerful plugin on your checkout page. Utilize our vetted fleet of couriers or onboard and manage your own within minutes.

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