Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to all of our most frequently asked questions.

Breadstack is a unified platform that saves you time in operations. However, it does more than get your time back, it gives you the tools to continually increase sales and have better customer experiences.

  • Breadstack uses powerful AI and automation technology that can provide recommendations, give more insight and perform tasks for your business. This technology works in sales, operations, marketing and customer service to save you time. 
  • The platform also has additional features that make it easier to sell to customers and give a better customer experience. Always have a full view of operations with the right data to optimize and perform better for your business.

Breadstack is for any business owner to optimize their operations and continually improve efficiency with added revenue. If you have questions, contact our sales team.

A seat is one account with Breadstack, meaning one person would have access to the commerce platform. Want more team members using Breadstack? Contact us.

Pricing for Breadstack depends on the number of seats and stores a business desires to use the platform. For additional information check out our pricing page.

Breadstack is for both ecommerce and in-store businesses. Our unified platform can connect with your business to help you achieve saving time and increasing sales.

Yes, we already work with a number of third-party softwares to give our clients the help they need. We don’t want you to feel limited with Breadstack.

The free trial can give you a good understanding of whether or not we’re right for you. If you have more questions please contact our sales team.

The free trial is ongoing until the users cancel or disconnect from the platform. If you need to upgrade, please contact our sales team.

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If you can’t find the answer you are looking, please connect with us through our contact form or chat with one of our experts.