Headless Commerce

Update & personalize your dispensary website instantly

Make adjustments rapidly to improve customer experiences and deliver more sales with a headless approach. Deliver the personalization your customers expect.

Unlock Creativity & Flexibility for eCommerce

Headless commerce focuses on the back-end processes of your website. The back-end does what it is supposed to do and APIs pass data between the front-end and back-end.

This setup enables brands to make personalized changes without impacting the real-time customer experience.

Using headless commerce is the solution to being agile and flexible in this ever-changing world. Make adjustments rapidly to improve customer experiences and deliver more sales.

Take Control With Headless Commerce

Highly Customized Shopping Experiences

Tailor each customer experience with a personalized approach.

Flexibility In Front End Customization

Make changes or updates easier with front-end customization.

Increase Conversion

Adapt shopping experiences to limit bounces or cart abandonment.

Simpler Integrations

Easily integrate with advancing technology to optimize continually.

Implement more functionality for your business that yields customizations.

The only way to do order management

Orders & Fulfillment

Use automation to simplify the process such as generating orders, creating order lists and synchronizing with fulfillment to send out products.

  • Generate customer orders automatically
  • Set up order approvals with sensitive items
  • Create order lists seamlessly
  • Gain an overview of all warehouse data
Orders & Fulfillment

Operate better with an organized warehouse

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Automatically generate pick lists, integrate with third parties, and have a designated fulfillment process.

  • Always be up to date on stock availability
  • Gain an organized warehouse
  • Transfer in/out abilities with a single click
  • Automatically have products insights across all stores
Inventory & Warehouse Management

Product management made easy

Product Information & Catalog

Monitor all products in real time whether it’s with one or multiple stores. Save time with our automation in collecting product data.

  • Publish items automatically to the live store
  • Feature products how you want them to be displayed
  • Gain insights on all product performance
  • Monitor products in one or more stores
Product Information & Catalog

Collect and analyze customer data

Customer Info & Management

Automatically collect customer data to understand shopping habits and analyze all information to optimize the customer journey for success.

  • Locate customer data to gain information
  • Monitor and track shopping behaviors
  • Summarize customer information to provide a snapshot of data
  • Collect customer information automatically
Customer Info & Management
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Be more adaptable, flexible and creative in how you operate.