An Ecommerce Platform Built To Power Your Dispensary For Success

Attract new customers to your store and grow your revenue with a powerful set of tools to scale your business and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

We integrate with some of the leading service providers

Drive More Sales To Your Dispensary & Streamline Your Operations

Create an exceptional online presence that enhances customer experiences, streamlines inventory management, and drives repeat business.

Build a website and custom menu to showcase your products and make it easy for customers to browse and make purchases
Effortlessly sync online and in-store inventory across multiple locations for accurate stock management.
Utilize powerful marketing automation tools to drive customer engagement and loyalty
Plan and oversee your promotions using a centralized calendar, while monitoring key performance metrics from past campaigns

Dominate The Cannabis Market With An SEO-Optimized Website

Outrank competitors and attract more customers with a search engine-optimized website that targets local customers and delivers a seamless mobile experience.


Optimize your website to target customers in your local area and increase visits to your store


Ensure your website is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices


Monitor website traffic and track the sources of your visitors

Drive High-Quality Traffic Who Are Looking For Cannabis To Your Store

Our team of cannabis experts will optimize your product pages and create custom menus to attract thousands of relevant visitors who are searching for cannabis!

Create dedicated pages for your cannabis products, categories, and brands to rank higher in search results.
Seamlessly connect your content to our product catalog, complete with high-quality photos & detailed descriptions.
Stop using menus built on iFrames and start attracting new visitors to increase your website traffic.

Streamline Inventory Management for Seamless Operations

Automate inventory tracking, forecast customer demand, and optimize operations to prevent stockouts and overstocking.

Real-time inventory tracking across multiple locations in one centralized platform.
Utilize forecasting tools to predict customer demand and receive low stock alerts.
Streamline receiving, picking, and fulfillment processes for efficient inventory management.

Maximize Marketing Results with Powerful Planning and Performance Tracking

Easily plan, execute, and analyze your marketing campaigns to attract new customers, boost sales, and optimize your inventory management.


Plan, schedule, and manage your marketing campaigns, discounts, and special events using a centralized marketing calendar.


Create various types of promotions, such as flash sales, limited-time offers, and buy-one-get-one deals, to attract and engage your audience.


Monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns in real-time and measure key metrics to evaluate their effectiveness.


Enhance your promotions with eye-catching banners, graphics, and promotional materials that capture the attention of your audience.

Enhance Your Customer Experience With Real-Time Communication And Build Loyalty

Build stronger relationships with your customers with personalization tools and real-time engagement.

Gain instant access to customer information, allowing for personalized interactions and building stronger relationships.
Generate personalized product recommendations based on customers’ purchase behavior, enhancing their shopping journey.
Drive conversions by offering customized coupons and discounts within chat conversations.

Power Your Cannabis Deliveries With A Complete Last Mile Delivery Toolkit

Our team of cannabis experts will optimize your product pages and create custom menus to attract thousands of relevant visitors who are searching for cannabis!

Improve Operational Efficiency by Streamlining Orders and Fulfillment

Simplify your order and fulfillment processes with automated tasks, while gaining valuable insights into customer interactions and data throughout their journey.

Effortlessly manage customer information, including contact details, purchase history, and preferences.

Process and track orders with ease, ensuring timely fulfillment and delivery.

Automate order notifications and updates, keeping your customers informed every step of the way.

Boost Customer Loyalty and Reward Repeat Purchases

Engage customers at every step of their journey and unlock the potential for increased sales and loyalty.

Increase customer loyalty and drive repeat sales using our powerful tools and solutions.

Reward and engage customers wherever they are, whether it’s in-store or online.

Collect valuable customer information effortlessly at the checkout counter or through your website.

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