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Provide the same level of customer service from in-store to online, delight at the right moment with proactive engagement, and improve your website sales.

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Integrates with leading website platforms

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By 2030, the global live chat market is expected to reach $1.7B, growing annually from 2022 by 8.8% per year.

More and more businesses are implementing live chat services.
Everyone else is starting to recognize the benefits of online chat.


Grow your sales through outstanding customer service

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The human powered, AI-assisted customer service solution you want

Start helping customers quickly and with limited extra effort

Chatso is compatible with most websites, including Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

Laptop, tablet, or phone via our Android and iPhone apps, answer chats as they arrive without formal staffing

Get started with one user and add as many as you need

Online chat need not be expensive, Chatso is available with simple, stress-free pricing

A customer support engine built to enhance your customer loyalty

Separate chats by users, departments, locations, or even multiple businesses on the same dashboard

Set your business hours by department and location to enable or disable live chat, avoiding times when a customer wants to chat but nobody is available

Have your customers speak with a real person right away, respond more effectively with AI-supported personalized product recommendations and suggestions

Receive and respond to multiple messaging platforms at once, avoiding missed connections and flipping between applications

Enhance your bottom line with a new sales channel

Free up your cash flow by offering on-the-spot promotional discounts to clear out underperforming or excess products

Combine personal preferences with coupons to drive conversion and orders

Customers that are able to get support right away are more likely to convert and not walk away from purchases

Insight into customer lifetime value to indicate if you’re speaking to a loyal customer or a deal hunter

Superior customer service leveraging your customer’s data

Provide better responses to customer inquiries by leveraging their individual order and website viewership history

Deliver proactive recommendations based on their interests and history - answer the curious or indecisive customer

Say hello to customers exactly where they are on your website: offer discounts, answer questions, and provide support

Real-time coupon generation provides a fast, easy way to resolve orders that are inaccurate, delayed, or below expectations.

New data to grow your business both online and offline

Gain insight into customer service quality with chat conversation review and improve customer service for your entire company

Learn what your customers are saying and asking question about to improve your online presence, such as content, merchandise, and services

Understand time, effort, and ability to resolve conversations, uptake on offered promotions, and sales made

With email collection prior to conversation, you have a whole new audience for messaging without any additional cost

Get the benefits of online chat with Chatso right away.

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