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Online Chat and Messaging Made Easy

Delight at the right moment with proactive engagement, and protect your sale with real-time support. Provide superior customer service and grow your business.

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More and more businesses are implementing live chat services.

By 2030, the global live chat market is expected to reach $1.7B, growing annually from 2022 by 8.8% per year.


02. Feature 01

Start helping customers quickly and with limited effort

Copy and paste a tiny piece of code, and we’ll take care of the rest

Chatso is compatible with most websites, including Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

A chat that grows with you: get started with one user and add as many as you need.

No credit card required, start providing customer support to grow your business free for 14 days

A customer service engine that works for you & your customer

Provide a personalized experience whether your customers are on desktop or mobile

Answer chats on your laptop, tablet, or on your phone via our Android and iPhone apps

Route chats to different users, departments or locations, and see different streams of chats from multiple businesses on the same dashboard

Set your business hours by department and location to enable or disable live chat, avoiding times when a customer wants to chat but nobody is available
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02. Feature 03

Knowledge is power

(to provide great service)

Leverage your customer history to personalize every interaction, available within the chat platform

Deliver proactive recommendations based on their interests and history - answer the curious or indecisive customer

Offer support along the customer journey, knowing exactly what webpage they were on and where they are now

With Chatso, we provide customer lifetime value so you know if you’re speaking to a loyal customer or a deal hunter

When money matters, make sure you matter too

Free up your cash flow by offering promotional discounts to clear out underperforming or excess inventory

Turn conversations from good to great with a small perk or gift to drive customer loyalty.

When trouble strikes, make everything right again quickly and easily when orders are inaccurate, delayed, or below expectations.

Be clear to your chat users when an offer is available and when it expires
02. Feature 04
02. Feature 05

Powerful reporting, get the data you need

Use rating trackers to gather feedback and improve performance with agents

Gain an overview of agent performance and customer satisfaction to reach goals and achieve success

Integrated dashboard to monitor, report and track agents in real-time.

Create reports to view data in a personalized and insightful manner

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so start off on the right foot.

No credit card required.