Follow Up Every Interaction with a Transaction

Delight at the right moment with proactive engagement.

Monetize your engagement with proactive recommendations, incentives, and product information at the right time and the right place.

Upselling Made Easy

Smart algorithms help your team offer real-time incentives such as discounted items, proactive coupons, and free gifts to provide your audience with the right incentives at the right moment.

Real-Time Lead Nurturing

Reduce churn, drive revenue, and build customer loyalty with comprehensive customer, product, and store information available at your fingertips.

Integrated Retention

Offer promotions, incentives, and gifts for overstocked inventory or generate coupons on the fly to keep your customers engaged and happy.

Captivate and convert with conversational analytics.

Delight every lead with comprehensive customer data, chat metrics, and context that actually matters.

Automatic Customer Segmentation

Market directly to your customers with automated filters that organize your clients based on their spending habits, geography, and more.

Perceptive Customer Insights

Turn engagement into revenue by leveraging past order history, customer interests, and predictive analytics to make each visitor feel like an individual, not just a number.

Scalable Success

From agent performance to customer satisfaction, Chatso’s analytics help you set actionable goals and achieve success.

Empower your support team with metrics at a glance.

View your team’s chat load, privileges, and performance all in one place to assign chats that make the best use of each agent.

Enterprise Analytics

Maintain a pulse on your business and team’s performance with auditable inventory changelogs, customizable reports, and service rating trackers.

Clever Chat Routing

Keep your support prompt and efficient with intelligent chat routing that assigns the right agent for every issue.

Chat with Productivity

Help your team satisfy more customers with comprehensive KPI tracking and performance management.

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