Mail Order & Delivery Driver Apps That Make The Last Mile Easy.

Deliver amazing customer experiences, boost operational efficiencies, and ensure every gram gets where it needs to be, signed for, on time, with a “digital paper trail” to prove it.

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Built For Dispensaries with in House or Contract Drivers

  • AI-Powered Route Planning & Optimization
  • Live Tracking & Visibility
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery & Verification
  • Real-Time Customer Notifications
  • Customer Experience Feedback
  • Analytics & Performance Insights
  • When surveyed 73% of customers identified “same day delivery” as an important factor in deciding what dispensary they buy from.

    Could you benefit from a fully integrated last mile solution?

    Don't miss a single sale, offer same day integrated delivery.

    In house or contract drivers, our fulfilment platform makes it easy to track your deliveries in real time and ensure a last mile experience your customers đź’–.

    Dispensary Owners

    Add or optimize your delivery services with a modern “uber for cannabis” delivery platform that helps you deliver exceptional service to your customers while making it bullet proof simple for your delivery team.

    Dispensary Managers

    Say goodbye to the headaches of complicated logistics with AI-assisted route optimization.

    Breadstack fulfillment simplifies your routing tasks while minimizing human error, ensuring you stay in that nice zen state while your customers leave 5 star reviews about how amazing the delivery service was.

    Drivers Apps

    Save time with real-time traffic aware dynamic route planning. Get order notifications and manage deliveries in real-time, capture digital proof of delivery all conveniently on your smartphone.

    Customer Updates

    Eliminate calls from anxious customers waiting for their delivery to arrive. Package recipients receive real-time updates and notifications when their delivery is picked up, when the driver is near, and when delivery has been confirmed.

    Ship Station & Canada Post integration help you reach customers anywhere your license permits.

    Many provinces in Canada allow postal delivery and US retailers selling hemp derived products like THCA & CBD can ship across the country. 

    Our tightly integrated fulfillment solutions mean your staff will never need to manually create labels or update customers about shipping details, it’s all handled with a few clicks including sending the tracking ID to your customers.

    Everything you need to know about shipping labels

    Optimize your dispensary deliveries.

    Get started with Breadstack Fulfillment for free or book a demo today.