3 Companies That Increased Sales With Tech

Ecommerce owners can use many tools.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking new ways to increase sales and gain a competitive edge. 

With the rapid advancement of technology, businesses now have access to an array of tools that can help them improve their sales performance. 

Let’s look at how these companies have used technology to increase their sales.

Colleagues deciding on tech tools by doing research.

Online chat increases conversion rates by 23% for Virgin Airlines

Online chat is a program that allows you to communicate with customers in real time on the internet, most commonly through a website. 

A case study by Virgin Airlines showed a 23% increase in conversion rates when they started using online chat. They also found that customers that used the chat had a 15% higher average order value. 

Online chat is powerful in terms of customer engagement – it’s the engagement that can increase your overall sales.

Chat is the easiest form of communication with a business. Customers don’t have to pick up the phone or send an email, they can easily and with less stress send a chat message. 

Chat also allows customers to ask questions or get their concerns answered in real-time. Often, if customers have an issue or concern when browsing and can’t get the information they need, they’ll likely click off. 

However, online chat can mitigate that by being available during the customer’s experience. 

The business can also prompt online chat. Businesses can set up automated triggers during the customer journey to offer support

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The stats of online chat

  • The customer satisfaction rate for live chat is 85%
  • 75% of people prefer live chat over any other channel
  • The average response time for chat is 15 seconds
Breadstack's live chat feature.
Breadstack's live chat feature.

CRM increases sales by 26% for Casio

CRM software stands for customer relationship management software and it’s a system that helps business track information between customers and the company. 

CRM systems can do many things such as improve sales and productivity, reduce costs, and improve retention.  

Casio saw an increase in sales by 26% by implementing a CRM software. Casio is a multinational electronic company.

They sell a series of products like watches, phone cameras, and electronic instruments. 

Companies that implement a CRM system could also expect the same success. One of the key ways a CRM system does this is by boosting conversion rates. 

The software can collect customer data that will keep detailed profiles of customers. This information can be used and shared with all marketing and sales teams. 

A marketing team can create more tailored campaigns, while the sales team can connect better with each customer

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The stats of a CRM

  • 60% of businesses have increased productivity 
  • 45% of businesses have increased sales revenue 
  • 34% of businesses have increased their productivity 
Keep track of all customer data with Breadstack.

Nike remains on top of sales using inventory management 

Inventory management is tracking inventory from all aspects of the business, from the warehouse to the sales floor or the website

The goal is to ensure there are accurate inventory levels in the right place and right time. 

Inventory discrepancies cost the company money and can even hinder the reputation of a business. 

Nike deals with millions of products online, and in stores all across the world. Their stores and websites need to have accurate inventory levels. 

Using inventory management software has been the key to success for them.

It would be impossible to keep track of levels in real-time. Nike also had an increase of 15% in inventory last year, but still managed to see an increase in revenue. 

The extra capacity in their inventory could have been a catastrophe for their revenue, however, with their efficient inventory management software in place, everything was optimized accordingly

Inventory management software can use RFID technology that can keep track of individual inventory. 

Business owners can have real-time information and can adjust as needed so a sale is never missed due to inventory problems. 

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The statistics of inventory management

  • 75% of all supply chain management professionals want to improve their inventory management practices
  • 24% of small businesses track their inventory with a pen and paper
  • The top issue in 46% of warehouses today is human error
Track all products across multiple stores.
Track all products across multiple stores with Breadstack.

Breadstack’s Ecommerce Toolkit

Online chat, CRM and inventory management are some of the big tools ecommerce owners can use to not only increase their sales but also operate more efficiently. 

However, a lot of these ecommerce tools are separated. Businesses have to purchase multiple products to have a complete tool kit – but this causes issues. 

It can be expensive to purchase new multiple products for your business. The other issue is learning about their new products. 

Each product can look and feel different compared to the next one. At Breadstack we saw the need to fill those gaps. 

We offer an ecommerce toolkit that’s all in one place for ecommerce owners. All our products have the same look and feel so you won’t have to learn multiple products, and it’ll be one fee, not multiple. 

Our products: 

Breadstack Chatso

  • A powerful mobile-friendly chat service that integrates with most major website platforms
  • Drive customer loyalty with integrated CRM features, recommend products and promotions
  • Know where your customers are on your website and provide help in real time improving conversions

Breadstack Commerce Hub

  • Better understand your customer’s shopping behavior
  • Manage your inventory across multiple locations to ensure product availability
  • Clearly understand each product’s demand and sell-through rate by location
  • Gain valuable insights into your business operations. 

Breadstack Delivery 

  • Give your customers the convenience to shop their way, in-store, online or local pick up
  • From warehouse to storefront to customer, get everything you need to manage your merchandise. 

Breadstack has everything you need to supercharge your business all in one place.  

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