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Use Online Chat for Your Business 

Online chat dashboard let's you connect with all customers.

Using an online chat system is becoming more popular among businesses. It’s a fantastic way to offer more support to customers while increasing engagement and sales.

Customers are even preferring online chat as the best way to connect with a business.

We’ll give you all the information you need to know about using an online chat system for your own business.

Use an online chat

What is online chat?

Online chat is a widget that enables you to communicate with your website visitors in real-time. It is an easy way for customers to get in touch with your business through your website. 

Online chat is a feature that’s built onto the website, so there is no need for customers to download or install anything. It’s accessible for customers to interact with right away. 

A live chat feature is part of an online chat system, it actcan either be from a real agent like live chat or automated support like a chatbot. 

To clarify,

Live chat allows you to connect with customers in real time with a customer service agent

A chatbot is an automated chat that connects with customers usually with preset responses

Online chat is the perfect alternative to phone calls or emails. Customers can get the answers they need right, without any necessary steps. 

Research shows that 79% of customers prefer live chat due to instant support access.

Benefits of online chat

The average customer expect better and faster customer experiences. Adding an online chat service is a great way to meet new customers and offer undeniably good service. 

Improve customer experience

Online chat offers customers the chance to ask questions about products, returns, shipping or anything else that may inquire about. Having a chat service set up allows you to offer an immediate response once the customer asks questions

Other forms of communication like phone calls or emails, may take hours or even days to reach the customer. Customers can appreciate getting a response the right way about their questions.

The average customer satisfaction for live chat is 84%

Customers Engage With Online Chat

One of the key benefits of online chat is the engagement it brings in for businesses. You’ll more than likely see customers use live chat compared to other forms of communication. 

Often, when customers have a question about the product or service, they won’t make that initial step to finding out. 

Sending an email or phone call takes time, but a chat service can be instant and it offers less barrier of entry to communicating with the business

Check for “How to improve customer engagement” for more tips.

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Improve sales 

If we look at what an online chat service does, it helps customers get the answers they need. It offers them support when they need it. 

If your customer reaches out through live chat during the sale journey, they’ll be able to ask questions and you can immediately answer the questions and reassure the customer of their purchase

This helps break down any barriers during the process. If an online chat service weren’t available to the customer, they would most likely click off and the business would lose the sale.

Improve customer support services

A website is 24/7. It wouldn’t make sense for businesses to open and close their websites. Customers are able to make purchases at any time in the day, whether that is early morning or late into the night. 

The issue with having a website that runs 24/7 is your staff most likely isn’t able to operate at the same rate. An online chat system can automatically help customers at any time of the day

You could have a live chat service with a real agent from your normal working hours and then use a chatbot for outside working hours. 

This way your customers can get the support they need, whenever they need it. 

Improve customer agents' productivity

An online chat can help customer service agents improve productivity throughout the day. Instead of handling one case at a time, chat agents can handle multiple chats with ease. When dealing with phone calls there’s only time for one person at a time. 

Another productivity benefit of an online chat system is a lot of times customers can ask the same questions over and over again. 

To combat agents answering these questions oftentimes businesses can use a chatbot for common questions or concerns so customer service agents only need to intervene when the customer needs a real person for help. 

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Best practices for using online chat

Implementing online chat is a great feature to offer your customers, but there are still things to keep in mind when setting up an online chat system for your website. 

You want your online chat system to work with you not against you

Here are the best practices for online chat. 

Easy to find 

Your live chat or a chatbot should be easy to find. Most websites that operate a chat system have it on almost every page

It’s a small button at the bottom right corner, that can pop up a message when a customer takes action. 

There’s a good reason many online chats are set up this way. It makes it well known that an online chat system is there to use. 

It even creates a more significant impact when you can trigger a pop-up when the customer takes action.

Automating responses for online caht

Chances are you have a list of questions that continuously get asked by customers whether that’s through email, over the phone or even on social media. Answering these questions with a live chat isn’t the best use of the agent’s time. 

Setting up automated responses with a chatbot can have those repetitive questions answered properly without sacrificing time

Mobile experience is key

Most customers browse on a mobile device. As the best practice for a website is to have it work on both desktop and mobile devices, the same goes for an online chat system.

Make sure your online chat is optimized for mobile to offer the same great experience as it would for desktop. 

We’ve all had keyboards through webpages not show on mobile, this is one of the errors to avoid happening to your customers. Make it a fluid and easy experience with mobile

Capturing data 

An online chat system is an amazing tool for collecting data and learning about your customers. The chance to talk to your customers through any part of the customer journey can provide valuable information. 

Some chat services even monitor existing customer information and recommend products through live chat. 

Collecting a name, email address or other key points of information can help you gain more information about your customer. You’ll also be able to provide a more personalized experience with that first interaction or the next time they enter your website.

Implement a chat product today

Implementing a chat product for your business can make a key difference in increasing customer engagement and sales. It’s also a way to offer customer support 24/7. Setting up a chat system doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a matter of finding the right one and getting started.

Breadstack does offer a chat system to help offer support to your customers.

Connect with customers to enhance the shopping experience. Customers can ask questions, find information and get the help they need.

  • Set up chat channels with simple steps
  • Offer customer support in real-time
  • View all live chat information in one place
  • Offer coupons and promotions in real time

Breadstack can help have your website using an online chat system. Contact us today to get started!

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